Heart Radiance Australian Wild Flower Essences Spray Mist 100ml

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HeartRadiance Essences: Commelina, Freckle Face, Morning Glory and Seeing Eye.

Rainbow Dreaming Crystal Essences: Turquoise and Chrysocolla.

Organic Essential Oils: A sharp, pungent aroma combining with uplifting Lemon, Pine and Rosemary.



HeartRadiance Essences: Black Nightshade, Dandelion and Pink Shamrock.

Rainbow Dreaming Crystal Essences: Lemurian Seed Crystal and Tibetan Rainbow Quartz.

Organic Essential Oils: Notes of Cedarwood Atlas and green Vetiver with woody patchouli.



HeartRadiance Essences: Acacia, Ajuga, Blue Mink, Dandelion, Pink Shamrock, Sensitive Plant & Storm Lily.

Rainbow Dreaming Crystal Essences: Lepidolite, Pink Calcite and Black Tourmaline.

Organic Essential Oils: Combines gentle and soothing bergamot with refreshing peppermint and calming effects of ylang ylang.



HeartRadiance Essences: Blue Mink, Red Kamala and Wild Iris

Rainbow Dreaming Crystal Essences: Rose Quartz, Pink Kunzite and Pink Tourmaline

Organic Essential Oils: Floral notes of rose and ylang ylang with uplifting grapefruit.

Contains natural preservative and purified spring water.



HeartRadiance Essences: Apostle Plant, Seeing Eye, White Wandering Jew.

Rainbow Dreaming Crystal Essences: Azurite and Selenite.

Organic Essential Oils: Combines the warm and radiating scent of Melissa and with balsamic Pine and woody Frankincense.




HeartRadiance Essences: Ajuga, Cordyline, Lantana and Storm Lily.

Rainbow Dreaming Crystal Essences: Moldavite and Celestite.

Organic Essential Oils: Deeply exotic jasmine combined with sweeter Lavender and woody sandalwood.

Contains natural preservative and purified spring water.

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