Amavasya Healing Store Heart Chakra Mini Kit w/ Crystal, Spray, Smudge, Soy Candle

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The HEART Chakra Mini Kit is for those seeking warmth, contentment and connection.
It’s for those ready to invest in Self-love... or the perfect gift to express love to another.
In this box (and using our own experiences), we’ve carefully chosen tools and experiences that encourage a natural softening and opening of the Heart.
INCLUDES: - Heart Chakra information card + exercise - Heart Mantra/Affirmation card - Handmade (organic) Lavender and Bougainvillea smudge stick w/ info card - 20g Rose geranium hand poured soy glass tea light candle. Infused w/ Rose Quartz (6hr burn time) - 50ml 'HEART' natural aromatic mist (Frankincense Olibanum and Pink Grapefruit essential oils) - Rose Quartz rough crystal w/ info card - Reusable hinge magnetic lid pine box
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