Gelatin Health Skin Collagen

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Hydrolysed Bioactive Collagen Peptides:

  • Good source of protein
  • All natural and unflavoured
  • No fat or cholesterol
  • No additives or colouring agents
  • Contains 18 amino acids
  • Collagen is pure protein
  • Easily dissolves in hot or cold liquid


Your skin health and its appearance will (unfortunately) show its ageing maturity. Loss of elasticity will be one of the first things to indicate that you are not superman, but a normal human gracefully ageing. The loss of skin elasticity is a given as Collagen production begins to slow in our bodies from the age of 40.

Collagen for tissue building & repair.

One of the many health benefits of Collagen is its ability to strengthen skin, hair and nails. Gelatin is the cooked or broken-down form of Collagen. Collagen is the protein essential for supporting the integrity of the skin. It tightens the skin and is anti-aging. It is high in keratin and is fantastic for maintaining skin elasticity, ligaments and connective tissue support.


Soft Skin Collagen for healthier, younger, looking skin.

  • 100% Beef Gelatin
  • 96% pure protein,
  • 4% moisture (water and residual salts)

Store in a cool dry place - Do not refrigerate. 

Derived from German checked and certified cattle - Type I & III Collagen.


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