The Natural Patch Co Sensory Touch Stickers - 22pk

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Peel, stick, and feel the soothing texture for instant stress relief – anytime, anywhere!

Immerse your child in tranquillity with our revolutionary discreet fidget stickers. The textured surface becomes a portal to peace, instantly calming their nerves and sharpening focus with just a gentle rub. It's not just a quick fix; it's a transformative experience that works wonders in 98% of stressful situations. 

Why choose Sensory Touch Stickers? Our Sensory Calming Stickers are like little superheroes for your kid. Picture this – your little one, fidgety and anxious, suddenly finds calm just by running their fingers over these stickers.

Too good to be true, right? They're super simple, totally safe, and a bit of a lifesaver for parents dealing with the everyday dramas of restless kids. Think less stress, more focus – all from a sticker that feels just awesome to touch. It's a bit like magic, but it's all science. And hey, who doesn't want a bit of calm magic in their lives?

Stick them effortlessly on phones, laptops, notebooks, or iPads, turning any space into a zen retreat. Perfect for classrooms, family gatherings, and sleepovers, our stickers provide a stress-free solution that blends seamlessly into any environment.

Don't let stress linger – empower your child with the ultimate secret weapon for serene moments.


Sensory Touch Stickers combine science, mindfulness, and durability for effective stress relief. The textured surfaces activate skin receptors, triggering a calming response. This tactile experience provides an immediate way to shift attention from stressors. 

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