Compostic Resealable Bags

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Compostic resealable bags will keep your food fresh, and are completely guilt free! 

Just like Compostic wrap, our Compostic resealable bags are certified to break down in your compost or worm farm at home in just 12 - 24 weeks, that's faster than an orange peel! 

Use, wash, re—use over and over and then simply cut the zip if you have a shorter compost cycle (our zip is thick and takes a wee bit longer than the bag to break down, but is still made with 100% home compostable materials), and pop in your compost to break down alongside your other organic waste. 

Rip the bag into smaller pieces for a faster break down. 

It’s never been easier to keep a sustainable home,


Did you know? 3.5 million tonnes (or 88.2%) of Australia's plastic waste is never recycled.

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