Mystique Zodiac Mug

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    • All new mug shape!
    • Hand-drawn illustrations and unique astrological quotes!
    • Luxe gold foil illustrations!
    • Microwave safe!
    • Made from quality ceramic!
    • Custom gift packaging!
    • 12 designs to choose from!

Quote on mug:
She is wild, independent and exciting and always looking for an adventure. She is curious and spontaneous; a wild child who values her freedom and lives life to the fullest. She is imaginative and intuitive, adaptable and friendly. Her huge heart and generous nature make others feel good and she believes anything is possible

Quote on mug:
She is down to earth, loyal and generous, she glows with a sense of friendliness. She is helpful, dependable and trustworthy, the true definition of a good friend. She is focused yet funny with great common sense. She is a person others like having in their life.

Quote on mug:
She is positive, ambitious and optimistic and lights up the room. Her warm personality and can-do attitude is a magnet to others. She is confident, bold and determined and is seen as an inspiration to others. She is the perfect balance of cheerful disposition and relentless determination.

She is charming, generous and harmonious and strives to lead a balanced and peaceful life. She is sincere and fair, elegant and graceful but has a wile side too. She has a flair for creativity and an eye for beauty. She is easy going and thoughtful and always wants to see others happy.

Mug quote:
She is intuitive, loyal and compassionate and wears her heart on her sleeve. She is loved for her calm disposition and her kind and caring personality. She's responsible, intelligent and emotinally strong and she will never give up until she gets what she wants. She loves her home and takes pride in the sanctuary she has created.

Quote on mug:
She is charismatic, friendly, outgoing and loves to be in the spotlight. She can hold a conversation with anyone and often leaves people wonderstruck. She is brave and protective and a natural born leader, seen as a fierce warrier by the people around her. She's independent and knows exactly who she is.

Quote on mug:
She is powerful, strong and passionate and she exudes confidence. She's very intuitive ands has an air of mystery about her. She brims with energy, resilience and resourcefulness and has the will to finish everything she starts. She is empathic, charming and self-assured go getter. She is fearless.

Quote on mug:
She is quick witted, fun and very, very funny. With her, there is never a dull moment. She is an expert conversationalist and will never say no to new adventures. Her enthusiasm and kindness and contagious and shes's incredibly adaptable. Her two sides blend humour and fun with intellect and a deep desire to learn.

Quote on mug:
She is logical and practical, yet kind and gentle in her approach to life. She is gracious, supportive, honest and reliable and uses her intellect to problem solve and help others. She is her own brand, a perfect contrast of precision and intellect and inner wild side, complemented by a soft caring heart.

Quote on mug:
She is compassionate, spiritual and creative and the ultimate dreamer. Her sensitive soul overflows with kindness, empathy and deep emotion and she is loved for her sweet and gentle nature. Her artistic flair is limitless and she's invigorated by music and romance. She is complex and mysterious but has the most beautiful heart.

Quote on mug: 
She is motivated, patient and responsible and doesn't do things by halves. She is ambitious and focused yet caring and her hidden gem is her wicked sense of humour. She is loyal and helpul, confident and bold and her determination is unmatched. She can accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

Quote on mug:
She is smart, independent, original and always stands out in a crowd. She dances to her own beat and enjoys being with like minded individuals. She's exciting, mischievous and a little unpredictable, but that's what makes her one of a kind.

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