Affirmations Publishing House Llama Nirvana - 24 Affirmations Cards & Stand

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24 good-morning quotations. 

Llamas want us to be happy, calm and sensible, so much so they’re used in therapy. True. When your therapist told you to get a dog? They pronounced llama wrong. Llamas are also super intelligent; they can learn things quickly, in one to five repetitions. Looking for some Llama Karma? You just found it here with Llama Nirvana. Featuring 24 good morning salutations and stunning photography, these Little Affirmations will have leave you chilled out.

Who better to offer impressive pearls of wisdom, unique quotations, happy reminders and soothing snippets than our friends from the animal world? Featuring uplifting messages and amazing wildlife photography, these Little Affirmations will encourage you every day in the cutest possible way.

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