Zeb Health Diatomaceous Earth Silica Supplement 500g

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Zeb Health Diatomaceous Earth has many uses for both humans and animals. It is a Premium Food-Grade Mineral Supplement that may gently detoxify and cleanse your digestive system by thoroughly removing built-up toxins, impurities, harmful bacteria and even parasites from the gut. A clean digestive system is the starting point for optimal health and this product may help you to improve the overall health and function of your gut.

Zeb Health Premium Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is completely Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Organic. This powerful digestive cleanser can be used on a daily basis or as part of a detox or cleanse. As its tiny particles move through the stomach and digestive tract, they have the ability to attract and absorb fungi, pathogens, viruses and heavy metals in their tiny pores and carry them out of the body. They may also remove parasites and harmful bacteria, cleansing the digestive system of harmful toxins. Removing these toxins and impurities may improve digestion, allowing for increased nutrient absorption.

It is completely free of any additives, preservatives, fillers, sugars or artificial sweeteners. It can also be used to treat parasites and worms and may even aid weight loss by cleansing and healing your digestive system! Zeb Health Premium Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth contains a natural mix of minerals including magnesium, silicon, calcium, iron and zinc. It also has many other trace minerals such as titanium, boron, manganese, copper and zirconium.

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