Crystal Rituals by the Moon (Hardcover)

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Harness the energy of crystals through healing rituals during each lunar cycle.

This practical book offers real-life crystal and lunar rituals and healing applications that can be practiced every day:

-Discover different crystal shapes, formations, and inclusions and understand how to use their frequency to raise your vibration.

-Understand how to use crystals to face trauma and shadow.

-Using specific rituals, learn the different methods to cleanse, charge, and program your crystals and keep them operating to their fullest capacity.

-Embrace 13 practical crystal healing rituals for each lunar cycle.

-Unlock the sacred knowledge that has been embedded within you for generations and past lifetimes. When we begin to use crystals with intent, the magic begins to unfold, and the veil between this realm and the next becomes thinner and we can tap into our ever-growing potential.

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