AromaBotanicals Crystal Pot Pourri Bowl

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Aromabotanical's potpourri set can be used by pouring over a few drops of fragrant oil to your preferred fragrance level and refresh as often as desired.

AMETHYST FRAGRANCE - Lavender, rose geranium, bergamont and rosewood. 

AVENTURINE FRAGRANCE - Cedarwood, germanium, grapefruit and orange.

BLUE APATITE FRAGRANCE - A blend of English freesia, Japanese honeysuckle and plum.

CLEAR QUARTZ FRAGRANCE - A blend of guava, lychee, melon and orange blossom.

FLUORITE FRAGRANCE - A blend of ripe pear, ginger, rose and jasmine.

ROSE QUARTZ FRAGRANCE - A blend of sweet almond oil, sandalwood, ylang ylang and rose geranium. 

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