Shemana Crystal Cleanse Kit - Sage Smudge + Crystal Mist

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Give the gift of clarity! This kit is specially designed to balance, clear and align your mind, aura and atmosphere. Gently cleanse away negative energy and harness the power of positivity!

CRYSTAL CLEARING MIST - Designed to balance, clear & cleanse energy. A natural botanical scented of Rose, Bergamot, Juniper and Cedarwood pure essential oils, this Holistic Healer welcomes fresh energy and clarity of mind, body & spirit.
The Crystalline Essence remedy aligns the entire chakra system, removing blockages and balances flow. Bringing the emotional, mental and spiritual selves back into unity.

WHITE SAGE STICK - The scented smoke of White Sage is revered as sacred plant medicine by Native American tribes. Their wisdom teaches us that sacred smoke can assist with purification, protection, setting boundaries, removing negativity and invoking a deeper spiritual connection.

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