Buddha Teas Cranberry Comfort Blend 18pk

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What is Cranberry Comfort Blend?

We have perfectly blended these herbs to provide relief and comfort in a delicious and healthy tea. One of the main herbs in this blend is the miraculous cranberry. Not only is this berry a powerful detox but it also provides vitamin C for an immune boost. Cranberry has been used for centuries to provide a nice cleanse for the body. Hibiscus works in conjunction with the cranberry to magnify the effects of the cleansing power. We've next added Uva Ursi which provides relief by easing the pain that's associated with certain infections. Uva Ursi has some interesting medicinal compounds which we can further explain in the Science Behind the Blend. All in all, this blend is a wonder for the body.

The Science Behind the Blend

Possibly the most specific herb in this blend is Uva Ursi. It has certain medicinal compounds in it that provides a very specific type of relief for the body. It contains the compounds Arbutin and Hydroquinone. Arbutin transforms into hydroquinone when metabolized and it provides substantial and scientifically proven relief for certain conditions.

Hibiscus is another phenomenal herb incorporated into this blend because of its many overall benefits for the body. Colorful anthocyanins, the most recognizable member of the bioflavonoid phytochemicals, give Hibiscus Tea its vibrant color. Anthocyanin pigments are famous for their free radical-scavenging capabilities, which support the claim that drinking Hibiscus Tea on a regular basis offers the consumer protection against a host of potential conditions. Hibiscus has so many benefits for the skin and hair, also. Hibiscus also plays a role in the detoxification of the body as it acts as a cleanser for some of the most essential and sensitive parts of the body. We've added Chamomile because we know that the stress of feeling ill can be almost as bad as the discomfort. Chamomile has been used for an incredibly long time to calm and relax. Buddha Teas thought this was essential to creating a well-balanced tea that could help with symptoms and help get to the root of the issue. Of course, Cranberry is the icing on the cake with this blend. Cranberry has an incredible dose of vitamin C which prevents pesky irritations in the body and will flush out toxins that tend to linger in certain areas of the body.


Organic Hibiscus, Organic Chamomile, Organic Cranberry, Organic Corn Silk, Organic Uva Ursi.

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