A Bit Hippy Conditioner

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Using a conditioner containing Silicone will coat your scalp. It’s like wearing a band-aid and never taking it off! Sure, it creates a seal to keep hair hydrated from within and ‘healthy-looking’ from the outside, but, it can irritate the scalp and block the nourishing ingredients from penetrating into the hair where it needs to be.

Plus, a build-up of Silicone results in hair that feels heavy, dull and dry, which is never a good look. That’s why many people turn to clarifying shampoos or look to using apple cider vinegar to detoxify.

Take care of your scalp by balancing the natural oils and avoiding irritating ingredients. Protect, nourish and strengthen your hair and tame those pesky split ends with hydrating, plant-based ingredients like Jojoba and Rapeseed Oil.

All the while, a Guar Bean derivative and Vitamin B5 will build strength over time for less breakage. Your hair will be so healthy and vibrant even Becky (with the good hair) will be jealous.

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