Herbs of Gold Cold & Flu Strike 60t

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Herbs of Gold Cold & Flu Strike is a comprehensive blend of herbs and nutrients, including high-strength Andrographis to relieve symptoms of common colds and flu.

  • Contains herbs including Echinacea, plus vitamin C and zinc to support immune system health.
  • Contains Andrographis to relieve the severity of symptoms of common colds and reduce common cold duration.
  • Andrographis relieves the symptoms of sore throats and mild upper respiratory tract infections, including coughs.
  • Contains Elderberry, traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to relieve symptoms of common colds and flu, including mild fever.
  • Vitamin C and zinc act as antioxidants, reducing free radicals formed in the body.


Ingredient Per 1 tab
Andrographis paniculata (Andrographis) herb extract
120 mg
equiv. herb dry
equiv. Andrographolides
6 g
60 mg
Echinacea purpurea (Echinacea) whole plant extract
66.7 mg
equiv. whole plant dry
1 g
Sambucus nigra (Elderberry) fruit juice extract
57.1 mg
equiv. fruit juice fresh
2 g
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)
250 mg
Zinc amino acid chelate
50 mg
equiv. Zinc
10 mg
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