Australian Native Ceramic Diffuser 150ml

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Bramble Bay Co's Australian Native Collection is a modern take on our iconic Australian fragrances. Ultra-modern corrugated ceramic vessels are available in muted Australian earth tones - from the earthy bush, ocean blues and desert hues. We've accented these beautiful colours in abstract packaging with coppery rose foils. 


Gidgee Wattle - Wattle, jasmine and amber in a white vessel
Murunga Plum - Murunga Plum, vanilla and outback foliage in a terracotta vessel
Desert Rose - Rose, jasmine and oud in a pink vessel
Coastal Lime - Lime, native citrus, and vanilla in a blue vessel
Lemon Ironbark - Lemon Myrtle, patchouli, star jasmine in a khaki vessel


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