Mindful Foods Cacao Brain Power Granola

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How do you wake up in the morning?

Leap in to your day with the mood-brightening & stress-relieving rewards of cacao, without having to indulge in a sneaky morning chocolate bar! Kick-start your brain & body with the readily usable energy of coconut oil, sharpen your mind & memory with ginger’s neuroprotective family of nutrients. From the stream of endorphins that flow from cacao, to the dopamine boost in maca, to ginger’s serotonin tickle, this is a blend of energising plant compounds designed for short-term focus & long-term benefit. In order to make these nutrients as available & digestible as possible, we soak our nuts & seeds in a cultured & PH controlled solution in order to ‘activate’ dormant nutrients.

Serving suggestions: Straight out of the jar into your mouth! | In a bowl with milk | Sprinkled on top of yoghurt or a smoothie | A chocolate mousse topper!


Activated nuts & seeds (buckwheat^ Australian insecticide free sunflower seeds, pepitas^ almonds^ pecans^) coconut chips^ macadamia honey raw macadamias^ psyllium husk^ cacao nibs^ cacao powder^ ginger^ cinnamon^ mesquite^ maca^ nutmeg^ vanilla bean^ gingko^ gotu kola* brahmi^ tulsi^

CONTAINS NUTS ^=Certified Organic. May contain traces of other nuts & shell

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