Ananda Life Aromatherapy Roller Ball 10ml

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Unlike traditional synthetic fragrances that weigh down your body with toxic chemicals, our Aromatherapy Pulse Point essential oil blends contain ingredients that can positively affect your mood and emotions by communicating with your body and senses through your skin to give you an experience as nature intended.


Packaged in a conveniently sized 10ml deluxe amber glass roller bottle.

Blended in skin loving coconut oil.

How to use

Roll the Pulse Point Roller on wrists , temples and behind the ears to activate the blend. 



A Rich rosy floral aroma with a warm musk undertone.

Blended with

- Rose Maroc- emotional recovery

- Rose- soothing and relaxing

- Amber- quiet the mind and ground yourself



Relaxing floral aromas with a subtle woody undertone.

Blended with

- Lavender- Calming and relaxing

- Cedarwood-Harmonising and grounding

- Chamomile-cerebral sedative



Rich, woody and clean.


Blended with

- Sandalwood-positivity and confidence

- Juniper berry-calming

- Patchouli- balancing

- Cedarwood- harmonising

- Ylang ylang- self esteem booster

- Rosewood-steading

- May chang-peace inducing

- Frankincense-centering



Crisp, fresh and clean citrus aroma 

Blended with

- Frankincense- centering

- Clary sage- natural antidepressant

- Pink Grapefruit- invigorating and mood balancing

- Lemon- refreshing

- Sweet orange-uplifting

- Bergamot- motivating



Warm earthy notes with a sweet floral undertone.

Blended with

- Sandalwood- Confidence and positivity

- Bergamot-motivating

- ylang ylang- self esteem booster

- rose geranium- cognitive function

- frankincense-  Comforting

- lemon-invigorating



Floral and fruity.

Blended with

- Clary sage- natural antidepressant

- Lavender- calming and relaxing

- Geranium- emotional balance

- Cedarwood- harmonising and grounding

- Ylang Ylang- self-esteem booster



Fresh floral aroma with a subtle leafy undertones.

Blended with

- Lavender- calming and relaxing

- Rosewood- steading

- Jasmine-mood booster

- Rose- soothing

- pink grapefruit-balance mood

- may chang-uplifting

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