Gloriously Free Anzac Biscuits GF Oats 200g

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GF Oats ANZAC Biscuit 

Gluten Friendly, Veteran Approved! 

PACKET OF 10 (240g). 

The first ANZAC Biscuit to hit the Australian market using Uncontaminated Oats. 

Have you ever avoided ANZAC biscuits because of dietary restrictions? 

Well, no need to any more folks, these biscuits are an absolute winner for taste, texture, flavour and cater for people with special dietary requirements. 

Every now and again, something special hits the market and we believe GF Oats ANZAC biscuits are it. 

Best of all, this delicious biscuit is approved by Veterans Affairs to proudly use ANZAC on the packaging. 

Using two of the hottest ingredients on the market at the moment, GF Oats and Banana Flour, they have been able to produce a biscuit that is so similar to the regular ANZAC biscuit. 

 Australians can now enjoy the biscuit we all know and LOVE - without the guilt thanks to a unique combination of gluten free flour, oats, coconut, coconut sugar and coconut oil. 

The team here, at GF Oats Australia, have dedicated themselves to this project of delivering a biscuit that we believe is both nutritious and delicious. 


Gluten Friendly, (tested to nil gluten), Organic, Vegan, Refined Sugar Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, SUPER DELICIOUS! 

Testimonial: "I purchased some of GF Oats ANZAC Biscuits in the Pre-launch and OMG!!…. they are the REAL DEAL and of course were polished off much sooner than expected. Love the taste and the texture - "crunchy" is the only way to have ANZACS, not to mention they are the cleanest version so won't be making my own any time when I can get my hands on these." - Jan McIntyre

Gluten Free Flour (rice, potato and tapioca), Pure Steamed Organic Uncontaminated Oats *, Coconut Sugar*, Shredded Coconut*, Brown Rice Syrup*, Bicarb (Aluminium free), Water
* = Organic ingredients

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