Mala Home 7 Chakra Crystal Set

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This crystal set is designed for healing and unblocking your seven chakras. Associated with coming into complete flow and alignment of your body. Opening your seven chakras enables free flowing energy between body, mind and spirit.

Clear Quartz is a unique, beautiful and energetic crystal that aids in transforming to a higher stage of life. A perfect companion for manifestation and rejuvenation.

Amethyst known as the healer, an amethyst is perfect for sufferers of anxiety, anger or any imbalances with emotion. Promoting beautiful calm, loving energy.

Lapis Lazuli provides greater awareness and clarity on thought. It boosts truth and encourages confidence to be your natural self.

Aventurine is a soothing crystal, known as the heart healer. It attracts happiness, joy and harmony.

Tigers Eye is the stone used for seeking answers and direction in your life. It exudes control, power and authority and is perfect for gaining confidence in leading and decision making.

Carnelian revitalises and provides energy for those that need a boost either physically or spirituality. 

Black Tourmaline is the crystal of protection. A black tourmaline will make you feel in control, powerful and undefeatable.

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