KFibre Original Gut Health Fibre Unflavoured Tub 80g

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Kfibre™ is a functional and prebiotic fibre for gut health management and microbiome support containing active phytonutrients and antioxidants.

If you suffer from digestive troubles and your body is telling you it's time to change your diet, a complex prebiotic mix of insoluble and soluble fibres, phytonutrients and natural antioxidants can get you back on track with just a spoonful each day. This is what Kfibre can do for you.
  • Kfibre is a high nutrient fibre supplement.
  • Diets high in fibre have been shown to improve general well-being, digestive health and to alleviate bowel discomfort.
  • Kfibre™ is made with 100% natural sugarcane, however KFSU removes 95% of the sugar.
  • No chemicals used in production.

100% sugarcane fibre (sucrose reduced).


Kfibre™ contains no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or chemical stimulants. Kfibre has no known allergens.

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