Mindful Foods Tropical Nut Butter Clusters With Lemon Myrtle (Organic) - 200g

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We’re getting frooty and celebrating this glorious cocktail of papaya, pineapple, mango, banana and coconut and native Australian bush food of lemon myrtle! Perfectly snackable clusters with kombucha activated nut butter, seeds and nuts. Full of good fats, protein, fibre and the natural sweetness of fruit. They are particularly satisfying when you need a healthy snack to keep you groovin’…tropicana holiday stylez!

They are also great used as:

  • Smoothie Bowl Toppers
  • Breakfast Clusters
  • Snacking & Noshing

Why do we activate nuts?

  • To promote optimal digestion
  • To increase the bioavailability and effective absorption of nutrients
  • For that light, satisfying crunch!
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