Outback Harvest Teff Flour White 400g

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Teff is the smallest seed in the world – and the most nutritionally dense.

Teff is naturally gluten-free, low GI, low Fodmap and full of nutrients like iron, protein, calcium and other essential minerals.

Teff can be used as a seed for porridge, salads and desserts, or used as a flour in baking. 

Milled from the superseed teff, this gluten-free wholemeal ivory teff flour is 100% natural and boasts many nutritional benefits. Make baking healthy, by adding this flour into the mix! Sporting a subtle nutty flavour, this flour is perfect for any baked dish! It pairs well with white chocolate, vanilla or coconut!

Ivory Teff Flour is nurtitionally very similar to the Wholemeal, but it has a more mild and slightly sweet chestnut like flavour.


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