Summerhill Pantry Strawberry Sparkles 12g

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Strawberry Fruit Sparkles are made with all natural ingredients to deliver eye catching sparkle and burst of real strawberry flavour and colour. Nothing artificial, no added preservatives, colours or flavours, and gluten free.  

Make food fun, add a sprinkle of glittery sparkle and a flavour burst

Sprinkle over cakes, donuts and treats, pancakes and waffles, breakfast bowls and lattes! Sparkle stencil included on pack!

Use to make natural food colour 

Simply blend one teaspoon of powder with half a teaspoon of water to create a paste. Mix into icing, yogurt, milk, batter - anything you need to colour!

Ingredients - Strawberry Powder (strawberry puree, tapioca starch) 

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