Applelachia Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar - Raspberry & Native Lime - 300ml

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Taste so fresh, it’ll seem like we plucked the raspberries straight off the vine. Mixed with zesty native lime, the duo is a match made in heaven. 

Contains a daily dose of raw organic unpasteurised apple cider vinegar from New Zealand. Apple Cider Vinegar benefits include:
Amongst all its other uses, ACV is also renowned for its application as an antimicrobial product in a variety of ways. With highly antibacterial and antifungal properties, ACV proves an incredibly useful tool in strengthening your immunity and killing bacteria and candida overgrowths.  

Adding a daily dose of ACV to your morning routine may also prove useful when trying to lose weight. ACV is known to decrease appetite by increasing feelings of satiety, and its acetic acid component works well in reducing sugar cravings. Plus, ACV helps speed up your metabolism, allowing you to digest food faster without letting it slow you down.


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