Intrinsic Soul Journal

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Shine your light on the world with the Intrinsic Soul Journal; guiding you on your soul-searching journey to discover the real you.

In colourful hues of turquoise, purple + bursts of pink, the A5 sized journal is adorned with an inspirational Adèle Basheer quote set inside Intrinsic's signature look frame with beautiful boho patterning and sparkling gold foil to add extra inspiration to your journalling.

Adèle was inspired to make this journal after her own personal quest searching for answers to life's big questions. From seeking out teachers, poets, old world sages, artist and philosophers, Adèle finds the most truth and power stems from being in-tune to her own inner self.

The guided Soul Journal is divided into three tabbed sections:

  • Uncovering Me - asks you questions to reveal a snapshot of where you are right now in your life and where you most want to be.
  • Daily Journey - is a freestyle journalling section where you can record your daily or weekly experiences, thoughts and emotions on both blank and lined pages. 
  • Monthly Insights - is where your real transformation will take place with specific guided questions to reflect back on your discoveries and gain clarity.

Think of this journal as a guiding light to help you along your path in life, allowing you to write freely, as well as offering prompts to look inside yourself and uncover your inner world.

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