Alcyon Ripple Diffuser

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Introducing the RIPPLE Aroma Diffuser: Technology meets Tranquillity to provide you with aromatherapy, music, calm and soothing illumination all at once.


Alcyon’s range of Aroma Cool Mist Diffusers offers one of the purest forms of diffusion available, whether you are a naturalist and prefer 100% pure essential oils or the modern twist of fragranced oils, The RIPPLE is specifically designed to cater to your needs.

Utilising the instantaneous benefits of ultrasonic vibrations and Bluetooth, RIPPLE plays your favourite music in the background and breaks down your fragrance infused water into a microscopic mist that easily dissipates into the atmosphere, leaving your mind, body and soul at peace.

With no heating or chemicals, compact design, RIPPLE is the ideal companion has everything you could possibly need.

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