Resin & Wood Incense Palo Santo - 3 Small Stick Pack

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Certified sustainably harvested in Ecuador

Palo Santo wood tree. We only process wood that has been found to have died naturally in the forest. Product of Ecuador.

Our Palo Santo is utilised in a sustainable way, that allows us a traceability from its planting, picking, transformation and commercialisation.

The way Palo Santo is harvested it to protect the palo santo tree, and not to waste anything out of it. This is achieved by waiting for the tree to die on its own (usually after 30 years, and then left to lay on the ground for 2-4 years).

Our palo santo is not Machete cut, but machine cut, as there are a lot of waste, and a lot of labor accidents, cuts, injuries, etc. Holiness is lost when we disrespect palo santo. All our efforts are devoted to offer you ecofriendly and sustainable produced palo santo, with the wonderful characteristic woodsy citrus aroma.

There is a reforestation program in place to regenerate the palo santo trees.

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