Blue Turtles Rainbow Moonstone Pendant, Seed of Life

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Origin: India

Rainbow Moonstone is a plagioclase feldspar mineral. Its beautiful light play is due to light reflecting through separate layers of mineral inclusions in its crystal lattice.

Rainbow Moonstone is feminine in nature and related to the moon. It engenders joy, confidence and optimism and creates compassion and empathy. It is an ideal gift between lovers.

Rainbow Moonstone is gentle, calming and grounding and attributed with neutralizing negative emotions.

Rainbow Moonstone enhances intuition and affords psychic protection.


The Seed of Life is the blueprint of the cosmos, a symbol of the unfolding process of creation. 6 circles arrange in 6 fold symmetry around the 7th to form what resembles a 6 petal flower, which you may recognize as the basic component of the Flower Of Life, itself a sacred geometric representation of the fundamental concepts of space and time ' the very building blocks of all creation. The 7 circles each represent the 7 stages, or qualities, of creation. In the Old Testament, these 7 stages are symbolized as the 6 days of creation plus the 7th Sabbath day of completion and rest. In contemplating the Seed Of Life, we contemplate the source of all creation, the fractal and infinite nature of all being and the interconnectedness of all things. The seed produces the tree, the tree produces the flower, the flower produces the fruit and the fruit produces the seed.

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