Wildcraft Dispensary Nettle and Aloes Ointment 50g

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Nettle and Aloe vera natural ointment eases minor burns, insect bites and stings. Relieves hot itchy skin conditions and allergic responses. Gives comfort from contact with Stinging Nettle Plant. Eases the pain and inflammation of hot swollen gouty joints.

Cocoa Butter. Aloes Water. Unrefined Beeswax. NETTLE/ALOES INFUSED OIL – Helianthus annuus. NETTLE/ALOES EXTRACT. Wheatgerm Oil. Ivory Shea Butter. Glycerin/Omega 9 (glyceryl oleate). Soya Lecithin. Castor Oil. Essential Oils of Tea Tree & Rosemary and Evening Primrose Oil.
1g of ointment contains Herbal Extracts equivalent to 110mg dried herb and Herbal Infused Oil equivalent to 100mg dried herb.

Directions Apply freely to affected area. Cover if needed.

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