Mindfulness on the Go Cards

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The brilliant success of Jan Chozen Bays's little Mindfulness on the Go has led to the creation of this card set containing 52 different mindfulness exercises anyone can do without having to sit cross-legged with eyes closed–that's a whole year of simple, accessible mindfulness practice.

The exercises range from pausing a moment whenever the phone rings, to deciding to smile once a day and noticing the effect, to using your hands as an object of meditation. String enough of these mindfulness moments together and you'll begin to see changes in your outlook, in your awarenes, and in how you relate to people. You may find yourself with a greater proclivity to calm, kindness, and focus.

These simple exercises have been so effective for so many–and now you can reach into the deck and pull one out at random to add a moment of mindfulness to your day.

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