Bare by Bauer Magnesium Pure Relief Roller 10ml

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We like to think of our MAGNESIUM PURE as the little brother of our Magnesium Plus. A travel sized hero for adults and children.

MAGNESIUM PURE comes with an abundance of benefits. Not only may it provide natural pain relief to tired, aching muscles, it is also known to promote calmness and better nights sleep. Due to the size (makes the perfect travel companion), we recommend it for smaller areas of the body and children. The convenient roller bottle makes it the perfect "go to" for those pesky headaches or migraines as it allows for easy application to the temples (avoid eyes) and neck. It encourages relaxation and calmness, which also promotes a good nights sleep.

Magnesium is such an amazing gift from mother nature, so let BARE help you embrace its full potential. Why reach for costly drugs and chemicals when BARE's got your back! or your hamstring, shoulder, hip... you get the picture.\

**Special note: Magnesium Oil often initially gives a short lasting tingling sensation to the skin

Love, magnesium chloride, purified water.

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