The Daily Bar Hempermint Choc Fudge Bar 50g

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Hempermint Choc Fudge - Why did mints get pigeonholed into being an after dinner thing? We're bucking the trend and claiming all day, every day with this functional minty choccy number. Spirulina + Maca Powder + Hemp Seeds in a gooey peppermint fudge with dark choc chunks - when did healthy become so delicious?

The Daily Bars are:
- Made from completely organic / natural ingredients
- Gluten, dairy, soy and grain + preservative free
- Low in natural sugars
- High in healthy fats + proteins
- At least 70% nuts + seeds
- Alive Food
- Made by hand in Mullumbimby 
- Earth friendly packaging – recycled card printed with vegetable inks, with a home compostable inner wrapper

Seeds* (Activated Buckwheat, Pepita, Sunflower, Flax, Hemp, Sesame, Chia), Nuts* (Almond), Raw Honey, Cacao Butter*, Tahini*, Coconut*, Dark Chocolate* (Cocoa Mass, Rapadura Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder, Vanilla), Maca Powder*, Spirulina*, Pink Lake Salt, Peppermint Essential Oil


* Certified Organic


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