Wildcraft Dispensary Golden Seal Natural Ointment 50g

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Traditional Uses References  

Emollient and healing for deep cracks in the skin – heels hands and corners of the mouth. Old stubborn scabby sores. Canker sores.

Cuts and Wounds. Soothing under the rim of the eye for conjunctivitis. Protective for dry lips exposed to weathering.

The precious golden yellow root of the Golden Seal plant is invaluable. It has become scarce in the wild and we source the cultivated variety out of respect for this endangered plant.


Cocoa Butter. Aloes Water. Unrefined Beeswax. GOLDEN SEAL/CALENDULA INFUSED OIL – Helianthus annuus. GOLDEN SEAL/YARROW/CALENDULA EXTRACT. Wheatgerm Oil. Ivory Shea Butter. Glycerin/Omega 9 (glyceryl oleate). Soya Lecithin. Castor Oil. Essential Oils of Tea Tree & Rosemary and Evening Primrose Oil.
1g of ointment contains Herbal Extracts equivalent to 110mg dried herb and Herbal Infused Oil equivalent to 100mg dried herb.

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