Tea Tonic Flowering Tea Ball pk2

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Excellent as a gift or for a fancy high tea party!!

Place bound ball of tea into hot water, and in 3-4 minutes. It will open to reveal a flower. Use one ball per cup of water.

Tips: After you are done with the blooming tea, you can take out the bloom carefully and place them in a big glass cup with cool water to display and enjoy the bloom flower shape for a few days more.



Celebration - Jasmine Flower, Thousand Day Blossom & Green Tea. Jasmine Flavour

Flower Power - Hibiscus Flower, Rose & White Tea, Honey Peach Flavour

Golden Fortune - Green Tea (90%), Marigold Blossoms.

New Flower Fairy - Jasmine Flower & Green Tea, Vanilla Flavour

Pink Princess - Jasmine Flower, Thousand Day Blossoms & Green Tea, Jasmine Flavour

Red Dragon - Lily Flower, Camellia Flower & Green Tea, Jasmine Flavour

Summer Days - Green Tea, Silver Needle, Yellow Chamomile Flower, Lemon Flavour

True Love - Lily Flower, Jasmine Flowers, Green Tea, Jasmine Flavour

Wedding Bouquet - Carnation Flower & Green Tea, Mango Flavour



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