OurEco Floor Cleaner Lemon Myrtle 500ml

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Lemon Myrtle – Clean your floors naturally with antibacterial lemon myrtle in a traditional gel formulated from soap flakes

For use on timber, tile, cork and laminate floor surfaces for a brilliant, streak-free finish. Simply shake bottle before use, one squirt of the product (approx. 20mls) into “hot water” from your tap while filling your bucket. This product is suitable for all hard floor surfaces.

Best used with a micro fibre head mop and mopping the surface to as dry as possible. The low sudding properties of this product will leave a sparkling, streak free finish to your floor surfaces with the added fragrance and antibacterial properties from the Lemon Myrtle Essential oils.


Filtered Water, Soap Flakes, Vegetable Glycerine, Sugar Cane Derived Solubiliser, 100% Essential Oil: Lemon Myrtle

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