Wrappa Yourself DIY Beeswax Mix 75g

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We often meet people at markets who tell us they would love to make their own beeswax or plant-based wax reusable food wraps. We get asked how we get our wraps so sticky and how to avoid cracking. The trick lies in our correct mix of wax, resin and oil that we spent time perfecting.

We now bring our own special recipe to you so that you can make these wraps in your own home. Available in TRADITIONAL BEESWAX or in our very own, world’s first ORIGINAL PLANT BASED vegan friendly recipes.

Get the kids involved as they learn all about how sustainability can be fun!

Check out this BLOG for full instructions on how to use your WRAPPA Yourself Wax Bar.

*Each WRAPPA Yourself Wax Bar will make approximately 6-10 wraps. This can vary depending on fabric used, technique and size of wrap*

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