Byron Naturals Detox Foot Patches x 14 Patches (7 pairs)

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In today’s modern world we are exposed to hundreds of thousands of synthetic materials and chemicals, many of which are highly toxic. Much of our water, food and air is polluted by chemicals. Every day we unknowingly ingest toxins from processed foods, pesticides, meat hormones, artificial additives, preservatives and prescription drugs. Unhealthy lifestyle habits introduce significant toxins and stresses to our bodies.
A build up of toxins, chemicals and metals in the body is known to effect many everyday health concerns. Detoxification may help your body function at an optimal level.
According to ancient Eastern medicine, toxins build up in the body throughout the day and then travel to the lower extremities such as the feet at night. Traditionally, the belief is that as blood circulates through the body, detox foot patches may gently absorb toxins as they come into contact with the pores on our feet. 


Powerful Natural Ingredients:

- Organic bamboo vinegar
- Tourmaline (emits negative ions)
- Vitamin C (absorbic acid)
- Orange oil (Citrus sinensis)
- Plant extracts of loquat & chameleon

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