Wildcraft Dispensary Citronella Natural Ointment 50g

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A natural effective bug repellent that utilises the insecticidal qualities of Australian Native plants. This ointment has a lovely Australian Bush smell and can also be used for its anti-inflammatory action to soothe any insect bites. User friendly – non greasy and rubs in well. A DEET and chemical free outdoor solution to irritating insects.
Low Allergenic formula.

Ingredients Certified Organic – Essential Oils
Cocoa Butter. Aloes Water. Unrefined Beeswax. EUCALYPTUS INFUSED OIL – Helianthus annuus. Wheatgerm Oil. Ivory Shea Butter. Glycerin/Omega 9 (glyceryl oleate). Soya Lecithin. Castor Oil. Essential Oils of EUCALYPTUS/CITRONELLA/PENNYROYAL/NIAOULI/Tea Tree & Rosemary and Evening Primrose Oil.
1g of ointment contains Herbal Infused Oil and Essential Oil equivalent to 200mg dried herb.

Directions Apply freely as needed.

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