The Whole Food Pantry Cacao Powder 300g

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How is Cacao powder made? The Cacao fruit are harvested and fermented for flavour. The beans are then dried, roasted (at low temperature to preservation nutritional value), ground into a fine paste and pressed to remove the cacao butter.  The cacao cake remains and is finely milled and ready to use as Cacao powder!

How do I use Cacao powder ? Cacao has a wide variety of uses! Add to your baking or raw treats - bliss balls, brownies, smoothies, yoghurt or ice cream. Try making your own chocolate, hot chocolate or anything that needs a chocolate hit 

Cacao powder handy hint: Cacao is in its purest form here – so the taste is truly delicious but not sweet! In fact, real cacao is slightly bitter (like really dark chocolate). Simply add your own sweetener to taste. Try our Organic Coconut Sugar!

Ingredients: Certified Organic Raw Peruvian Cacao Powder

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