Eat to Live Buckwheat Cakes Original 200g

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2 INGREDIENTS: Organic Buckwheat, Sea Salt. (Gluten Free)

Experience the classic taste of Buckwheat Cakes. A rich, nutty flavour with a toasty undertone jam-packed with vitamins and minerals. The original flavor is specially designed to be everyone's favourite and complement any toppings. Note, their flavour profile is different from rice cakes.

We have chosen Buckwheat as a main ingredient because it has been proven to be one of the healthiest seeds available, full of the nutritious vitamins and minerals you need.

Our Buckwheat Cakes are gluten free and made from the best non-GMO organic crops to ensure they’re both delicious and support a healthy lifestyle.

Each cake is low in calories and saturated fats, but nutrient packed with complex carbs. Wholegrain foods are well known for having a higher nutritional content and being a great source of fibre.

If you’re one of those people on the go, these cakes are designed to be the perfect food for you. They go with everything, so you’re set regardless of whatever toppings you have at hand!

Four cakes can substitute a single slice of conventional bread and buckwheat also contains more protein than rice. These cakes are gentler on your stomach and perfect for those with digestive issues.

Organic Buckwheat, Sea Salt.

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