Accidentally Over-Weight

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Author: Weaver, Dr. Libby

Description: What leads the human body to get the message that it needs to store fat, and what leads the human body to get the message that it needs to burn fat? In a dynamic, fresh approach to weight loss, acclaimed nutritional biochemist Dr Libby Weaver shows that the ‘calorie equation’ – how much you eat versus how much you move – is not the only determinant of our body shape and size. At the end of the day, if it was truly as simple as that, everyone would be trim, taut and terrific and there’d be no health consequences because of excess body weight. Using heartfelt and relatable case studies as to why people may be struggling to lose the weight they desire Dr Libby offers readers tools to help them solve their own weight loss puzzle. Drawing on her 20 years of clinical practice, her strong scientific background in both nutrition and dietics and her PhD in biochemistry, Dr Libby discusses the real factors that cause us either to lose or gain weight.

Publisher: Dr Libby Online Pty Ltd

ISBN: 9780473181482

Publish Date: Available Now

Page Count: 232

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